“I haven´t any idea about Ann´s present.”“Do you know()she prefers?”

we tried to (restrict) our conversation to arguments relevant to the topic.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

The given morphemes are all combining forms of “bone” except ().

It was as a physician that he represented himself, and() he was warmly received.

All those present noticed the (minute) change in his look.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

She finally (recovered) herself one month after the operation on her legs(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

Fill in the blank with the combining form for the medical term“心动脉博图”()cardiogram.

The young man was (accused) of theft in the supermarket.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

it is highly (unlikely) that she will arrive today.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

The picture was bought at a very low price, but it has turned out to be an()painting.

Which is the correct translation for“circumventricular”?

The word “cleidocranial” is the equivalent to ().

Your sister has a() voice and she speaks ().

The Chinese meaning for the word “angiotensin” is ().

we packed up the things we had accumulated(积累) over the (last) three years and left.(选择与括号英文部分意义最相近的词或短语)

Which word in the following represents the abnormal respiration?

A whale shark´s body is stout but (streamlined) like that of a whale.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

Her words (offended) me(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

she was (close) to success.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

The three man tried many times to sneak across the border into the neighbouring country() by the police each time.

It is not so much the language() the culture background that makes the book difficult to understand.

The morpheme “chondro- ” has the main meaning of().


She said she would work it out herself, () ask me for help.


The Chinese meaning for “pneumothorax” is ().

winston churchill gave a (moving) speech.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

I don´t think that your watch is ().

The combining form“spiro-”is related to ().

during his lifetime he was able to (accumulate) quite a fortune.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

The cause of the fire is being (investigated).(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

This sort of thing is (bound) to happen.(选择与括号部分意义最相近的词或短语)

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